You can connect as many companies as you wish all from within your account by logging in and clicking the "App Connect" tab. Each company will count for a separate subscription, however.

Yes! You may add as many additional users as you wish at no additional charge.

Unfortunately, not at this time. Each ping is essentially locked as soon as it is configured by an account user. An admin may override and edit this ping at any time.

Please be sure to subscribe to our blog here. New pings are added on a weekly basis!

Yes, we openly welcome all user feedback and advice. Please feel free to email us any time via the contact form here or shoot us an email at ideas@pingerapp.com.

Behind the scenes, our team is capturing as much data as we possibly can in order to develop robust and intuitive artificially intelligent code that will allow our system to learn what analytics are most beneficial for business owners and accountants. Artificial intelligence requires multiple data points, which we are collecting to develop advanced code to be released in the future.

Pinger is built specifically by accountants to serve business owners and accountants in order to enhance the level of collaboration and speed up the delivery of KPI’s and financial reports. Pinger listens for specific events to occur inside of your accounting system in order to notify you of critical, time- sensitive reporting that you can act upon immediately. Pinger also helps accountants and bookkeepers provide their clients with live, real-time reports instead of resorting to traditional financial statements post close. Zapier provides certain connections to the same platforms as Pinger but they are not specific to your business.

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That Technology”. If a certain event or series of events occurs, then an action will occur. IFTTT is experiencing increasing growth in the smarthome automation space. Pinger is incubating this same logic in the business sector to help business owners and accountants save time on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be automated with technology.

Absolutely! We have partnered with dozens of industry-leading third-party accounting applications and plan to integrate with many others.