Getting Started With Pinger

Below you will find a guide on how to set things up after creating a Pinger account.

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Pinger is an automated assistant that will notify you when certain pre-defined events happen in QuickBooks or Xero. You can receive these "pings" in places such as Slack, text message or email.

You tell Pinger which events you want it to listen to and what you want to happen, and we'll take care of the rest!

Pinger requires you to connect your apps first, so read below to learn more.

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1. First, it's time to add a company.

2. After logging in, on the dashboard, choose if you want to use a QuickBooks company or a Xero company. If you were invited by another user you can also use an invite code.

3. You will be redirected to QuickBooks/Xero and will have the option to select which company you want to add to Pinger.

4. Once authorized, you will be redirected back to Pinger and you should see your new company in on the companies page.

5. You can now edit pings and configuration for this company!

Watch the video tutorial

1. If you plan on using Slack, the next thing you should set up on Pinger are your Slack workspaces.

2. Once logged into the main dashboard, click 'My Apps' in the top menu.

3. Here, you will see all of the applications that can be added to Pinger.

4. Select Slack and click 'Add to Slack'. You will be redirected to the Slack website where you can select a workspace to connect.

5. You should be redirected to Pinger and see your workspace added. You can now use this workspace to receive pings!

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1. Pinger offers the ability to generate financial reports for your company directly from Slack.

2. Select your company from the "My Companies" page by clicking "View" next to the company name.

3. This is the main company settings area. Click "Slack Settings" on the left.

4. If you do not have a Slack workspace added to your Pinger account, please complete step #3 first.

5. On the "Overview" tab, select a company nickname so you can easily use this from Slack to reference this company.

6. On the "Slack Settings" tab, choose which Slack channel you want to make Pinger commands available in. It's up to you to lock down your Slack so only people you authorize can access the channel you choose.

7. Once your settings are saved, open up Slack. Go to the channel you chose and type the following command:

/pinger [company nickname]

That's it! Remember, generating reports each count towards one monthly ping. Your available monthly pings are shown on the 'Overview' tab.

Watch the video tutorial

1. To edit pings you can receive, click the 'Pings' tab after selecting a company.

2. Each ping is organized into a category.

3. Click 'Edit' to configure that specific ping.

4. Each ping allows you to define:

- A Slack channel you want it to be delivered to.

- A SMS phone number to receive a text message.

- An email to receive an email.

All of these are optional. Feel free to customize to your workflow. Whenever one of these events fires, a monthly ping will be deducted from your company balance.

5. Some pings require more information, such as an account to monitor or a monetary dollar amount.

6. Save the settings and that's it. Pinger is now ready to start helping you optimize your workflow!

1. You can invite collaborators and colleagues to your company.

2. Click the 'Members' tab after selecting a company.

3. Create a new invite for someone's email address.

4. Admins will have the ability to edit all settings and subscription. Accountants and Business Owners can edit settings, but not delete companies or change subscriptions. Team members can not edit anything and only view settings.

5. Once your invitee receives their email, they will get an invite code. They can enter this invite code on the 'Add a Company' section to join the company.